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Let’s work together to make Salt Spring Island Sustainable!


Below are priorities I will work to achieve… and I want to work with you! Please reach out with any comments or suggestions you have to make our community brighter.
Jesse's thoughts on Housing
Jess's thoughts on the LCC
Young people collecting garbage
Home Gardening


  • Halt SSI CRD budget increases

  • Prevent unnecessary proposed LCC salaries 

  • Evaluate economic development budget 

  • Evaluate grants-in-aid program 

  • Evaluate Middle School rental project


  • Promote an island-wide water utility as recommended by the SSI Water Optimization Study

  • Renew year-round sustainable tourism strategy and promotion

  • Prioritize Maliview sewer improvement work

  • Evaluate Ganges Sewer upgrades and continue improvements

  • Improve garbage removal at CRD parks 


  • Improve culture and service delivery at CRD Salt Spring

  • Implement community engagement on Salt Spring Island government 

  • Promote higher density rental development in Ganges 

  • Work with stakeholders to improve Ganges Village vibrancy and safety

  • Prioritize Ganges Habour Walk project

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