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Dealing with Doggies & CRD Parks

Did you know that the LCC will be responsible for CRD parks and the Fernwood Dock?

I love dogs! You may have seen me out with my wired-hair miniature dachshund - he’s much more interesting and cuter than me.

The thing about dogs, and more noticeably with big ones, is that they poo - like everyday - (mind blowing right?). Now most people as responsible pet owners and decent human beings know this, prepare for it, and clean it up.

The strange thing that happens here on Salt Spring that I’ve noticed, and chatted with a lot of neighbors about, is that many people don’t! This is especially true around CRD managed area’s on Channel Ridge and near Fernwood Dock.

To make matters worse, for those of us that do pick up our dog poops, there is often nowhere to dispose of the baggies and, more often than not, the waste bins are overflowing with this stinky garbage.

My promise to Salt Springers, whether dog lovers or not, is to work towards more accessible free bags and garbage bins, more regular garbage pick up, and friendly enforcement if elected. My hope is that we can all enjoy our scenic walks and cute dogs without having to worry about stepping in something not so cute.

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