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Here for working people and families !

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The cover photo of this blog post is a drawing of me and my family having fun at home. My grandmother bought the property in the 1970s and built the house we now live in. I chose the drawing, one because it's cute art by my step-daughter, and two because I want to speak up about housing insecurity on Salt Spring Island. Given the affordability crisis facing working families, I feel extremely fortunate to have a home due to good luck, timing, and Gran’s hard work. It breaks my heart that there are many here without affordable and secure housing.

It is our duty as community members to keep Salt Spring vibrant. I’m running because I deeply care about the future of our Island and have the energy to act. Ensuring that working people and families can continue to live on Salt Spring Island will guide all my decisions if elected as your representative.

I’m very hopeful we can solve Salt Spring’s challenges, but we need to work in an inclusive way. That said, I am very concerned about Gary Holman’s Local Community Commission idea as it is expensive, rushed, and won’t correct our governance dysfunction. Please vote no to the LCC because, if elected, I will begin a community dialog on Salt Spring Island government that connects with all Salt Springers. We can mend divisions left by past referendums if we move forward together.

Thank you for reading, please vote, and please reach out - I want to hear from you!

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