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How to keep Salt Spring young and thriving!

At the Chamber/Driftwood debate, LCC candidates were asked about their ideas on how to keep our Island vibrant and attract younger people to stay on Salt Spring. Below are some longer term projects I think could help. What do you think? Please reach out as I want to hear from you!

Ice Rink

Yes it’s expensive and won’t happen overnight, but Salt Spring needs an ice rink/arena to create positive community interaction and year round activity. At an ice rink, youth and locals from all walks of life can discover their passion for ice hockey, figure skating, and recreational skating, and give us something to do in the dreary winter months. With an ice rink, we can attract tourists, athletes, and their families from other communities to boost our economy during shoulder season and create a more vibrant Salt Spring.

Night Market

Night markets on Salt Spring would create more fun, liveliness in the evenings, and help a year-round economy. These evening events can support our artisan community and local food producers throughout summer and shoulder season as well as attract more foot traffic in the evening and keep surrounding businesses open longer. Fun for locals and visitors, night markets on Salt Spring can be an opportunity for local musicians to entertain and earn money with evening performances or busking.

Co-working space/ Small business Incubator

A co-working/co-creating/business incubator type centre can bring together Salt Spring’s emerging entrepreneurs and creators in an environment that generates connections and sparks new ideas. Bringing together Salt Spring’s emerging and new entrepreneurs and creators can generate innovation, collaboration and provide them with opportunities for mentorship and learning. This will only help to add energy into our local economy and attract younger people to come and stay on Salt Spring.

Questions Ideas? Please reach out! and remember to vote Wednesday May 24 or Saturday May 27!

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