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It's possible to create new homes, strengthen the economy, and protect the environment!

It just takes political will to do it, and do it right!

Local politicians have several tools to support affordable and eco-friendly housing in their communities. This includes dedicating land and reducing red tape to make it more efficient for non-profit and Indigenous housing providers and co-ops, as well as private developers, to build and protect affordable, sustainable homes. If elected on October 15th, I will work with the community to:

  • Support eco-density in Ganges and areas serviced by sewer and water;

  • Support fast-tracking rezoning and permitting for the development of rental buildings and homes;

  • Support legalizing suites and cottages on Salt Spring;

  • Support the visitor economy by preventing unnecessary over-regulation of rentals and bed and breakfasts;

  • Support part-time residents, workers, and renters by preventing new taxes that hurt Salt Springers, and;

  • Support the centralization of island-wide water management including existing lake/watersheds, groundwater, rainwater catchment, and water recycling.

Everyone deserves a safe, secure, and affordable home. Let’s work together to ensure working people and families can continue to live on Salt Spring Island!

Jesse Brown

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