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Let's Keep Salt Spring Vibrant!

Thank you to all those who’ve messaged me, chatted in public, or waved back at me from your car - you’ve been very kind!

I’m running to represent and reach out to working people and families as we are under-represented in leadership and decision making. Ensuring working people and families can continue to live on Salt Spring will guide all my decisions if elected as your representative!

I’m not a career politician, I’m a professional who wants to work with you. My vision for Salt Spring is ambitious and hopeful. I want to see all Salt Springers have a safe, secure, and affordable roof over their head. I want to see our community be prepared for climate change and be an inspiration to the next generation. I want to see a kinder, more inclusive community where everyone feels welcome. I know most of us share this vision for the future, and that makes me hopeful because the only way we can solve our community’s challenges is by working together!

Regardless of the outcome, I’m really proud of this campaign aiming to encourage participation and inspire the 60% who didn’t cast a ballot in the last election to vote. To those who voted last time, and who are politically engaged, thank you for keeping our democracy strong!

On October 15th, it’s time Salt Spring, VOTE!

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