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What about the LCC?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I support respecting our expert volunteer commissioners, proper community engagement, and saving taxpayers unnecessary expenses, the reasons why I’m encouraging Salt Springers to vote NO to the LCC.

That said, please do your own research and make up your own mind. If you do support the LCC please still vote for me! I just worked for the CRD supporting their economic sustainability commission, and given my experience as an executive director working with not-for-profit and charity boards, I am very well suited to work with an LCC in a constructive, respectful, and inclusive manner to get work done.

LCC is Expensive

Here is a link to the staff report. There will be additional staff and support costs, as well as the salaries for the LCC members. This money should go to support housing and water initiatives in my opinion. Please read this report before voting!

Staff Report SSI Local Community Commission
Download PDF • 188KB

We should respect our expert volunteers

As I just worked for the community economic development commission, I know how incredibly hard working and talented our existing volunteer commissioners are. Many of them are industry leaders in tourism and manufacturing, as well as people with advanced degrees who taught business, and worked in marketing. To see their work on hold and possibly scrapped is disappointing and I hope the experienced commissioners on this, the parks and rec, and the transportation commission will continue on in an advisory role - but this is doubtful.

It was a rushed process

This is a major change for Salt Spring’s governance adding an additional layer of government. I know a bit about this topic as I have a BA from UBC in Political Science with a focus on comparative political systems. More should have been done to educate and inform the electorate before such a referendum was put to the public. It has been very divisive when instead the roll out could have been more collaborative and respectful of a diversity of opinions - not just Gary Holman's inner circle.

I’m not here to work against things, I’m here to work for things. If I am elected, and an LCC is passed, I will work well with them. That said, if I am elected, and the LCC fails, I will begin a community engagement on Salt Spring government that reaches ALL Salt Springers, including those hard to reach. We need to move forward together!

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