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My Salt Spring Exchange Profile Responses

About Jesse Brown

I care a lot about our Island and its future as someone who lives here and operates a small business, who has childhood memories made here, and who sees their future on Salt Spring Island. I’ve worked as a local professional at the Chamber of Commerce and CRD and learned that we need to change the typical composition of boards and commissions on Salt Spring to affect positive change in our community.

More personally, I am so lucky to spend life with the most supportive and fun partner anyone could ask for, two beautiful and brilliant stepdaughters I adore, and an unreasonably cute wier-haired miniature dachshund that controls my daily schedule.

What brought you to the island?

My Grandmother bought property on Salt Spring Island in 1971. My parents brought me here and are just the best people ever.

What one thing about the island would you tell someone who has never visited?

Told in one breath, "Pack light, eat out, visit a farm, buy art, swim in the ocean, and feel your blood pressure drop!"

If you could change one thing about Salt Spring, what would you change?

Our harbour village is struggling in many ways. It's disappointingly less thriving than when I was a kid and in need of some serious TLC. I’ve worked to improve Ganges’ vibe through successful grant-writing and community projects I’ve helped grow. I sincerely hope for the opportunity to bring my knowledge and skill set in this capacity to the LCC.

What do you think is the most important community issue on the island right now?

Social isolation and the negative impact this has on individual and community health and wellness. Most of us are glued to our phones and fed information tailored to our preferences and prejudices - this isn’t healthy for a small community where we all need each other to learn and grow. If elected to the LCC, I want to work with Salt Springers on policies and projects that unite our island, not create further division. Ice rink, anyone?

What is your favourite spot/place to visit on Salt Spring Island?

In the summer I love to take my paddle board over to the beach on Walker’s Hook. One of the most beautiful and pristine picnic spots - don’t tell too many people about it!

Which elected position are you seeking?

Local Community Commissioner

Why should Salt Springers vote for you?

I have a fresh perspective and a deep understanding of community development with recent experience working at CRD Salt Spring as a Community Economic Sustainability Coordinator. I have behind the scene knowledge of how work gets accomplished at CRD, I get along well with the staff team, and I know I can contribute positively to the work of the LCC due to my grounded understanding of commission work.

I know the LCC can be a vehicle for positive change if independent-minded, intelligent, and hard-working people are elected. My hope is that voters see value in having someone with my background and professionalism join the LCC regardless of their political leanings. I am independent and promise to be a representative for all. Visit for more about my experience and priorities for Salt Spring.

How do you plan to engage the community in your work?

I plan to hold regular office hours when community members can book one-on-one phone calls or face-to-face appointments. Furthermore, I plan on writing regular updates for distribution. Finally, I want this experience to be collaborative - my website lists priorities I want to work on, and I want to work with you! Please reach out with your ideas and priorities to make Salt Spring even better.

Is there a really good interview question we should have asked you?

Why is it important to have independent voices on the LCC?

How would you have answered your question?

I’ll start by stating that if elected to the LCC, I intend to work with fellow commissioners with an open heart and mind regardless of their political leanings, endorsements, or slate. I haven’t publicly endorsed or spoken against other candidates because when elected we will be a new team that has a lot of work ahead of us. I believe partisan politics should not exist at a local level as it divides our community and detracts from our shared values and work.

I understand a small community like ours is tight-knit and we are more likely to support friends, neighbours, and people we know. If you've read this far, and haven't tuned out, please consider voting for me. I would love to be your representative and I want to hear from you - reach out! My campaign content, website, and communications have been entirely created by me. I haven’t accepted any donations and these campaigns have been entirely self-funded. I hope I’ve effectively communicated some ideas that you like, shown you how much I care, and that you see this commitment as an indication of the job that I will do if elected on May 27. Thank you to my existing supporters, you’ve been way too kind!

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