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The Election Results - Let's Keep Being Hopeful!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

On Saturday I called Gary Holman to congratulate him on his election win and the LCC referendum campaign win. He responded that he appreciated the call and the positive tone of my campaign. I sincerely wish him success and offer my support with issues that I campaigned on.

To the 971 people that voted for me, I am so honored and grateful that you put your trust in me and took the time to vote. To everyone who reached out, offered support, waved back, or had a friendly chat, please know how much I appreciate your kindness. Thank you!

To my voters and those who voted against the LCC - let's make lemonade out of a lemon! I intend to run for the LCC and bring our voices to the table. I look forward to working together to keep Salt Spring vibrant.

Please continue to check this site for updates and reach out - I want to hear from you!


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