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Why I'm running for the LCC

Hello Salt Spring,

I'm back! and excited to announce that I'm running for the Local Community Commission of the CRD. It was an honour to run in the last local election for CRD Director and I feel very proud of my second place finish. Many thanks to all who supported me and to everyone who participated in the election.

I'm running to bring voice to working people and people raising children as our voices have been missing in leadership and decision making here on Salt Spring. We need to ensure that our Island's community stays fresh and vibrant and that those who contribute to this community have access to a comfortable and affordable home. I am very pleased to see that so many diverse Salt Springers have put their names forward for this election and I hope this brings many more people out to vote.

What sets me apart from the pack is my recent experience working for the CRD as an economic sustainability coordinator. I have inside experience working with the CRD staff team and volunteers to get work done, and I want to encourage a culture of respect, kindness, and getting to "yes" approach on this commission. I'm a progressive who will work with anyone, regardless of political leanings, to advance projects on Salt Spring Island. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Gary Holman and the other commissioners to enhance our economy and infrastructure and to encourage a sustainable community - not just environmentally, but culturally and spiritually as well.

But first, I need your votes! In advance polls and on election day May 27 I really hope I can count on your support! Please reach out

See you soon!

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